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Want to help out? Join 7 More Cats rescue as a volunteer to assist and enrich the lives of cats! Please read the information below thoroughly before applying. 

Why become a volunteer at 7More Cats Rescue? 


  • EVERYTHING, you do helps the animals in our care 

  • Work side-by side with people who share similar interests 

  • Get away from your daily grind 

  • Be involved in the community 

  • Learn new skills 

  • Relieve stress – studies show that being with animals can lower your blood pressure

  • No one will ever greet you the way a cat does! 


Please read the following information to make sure you are a good fit for us and that 7More Cats Rescue is a good fit for you! 

  • You must be gentle and compassionate with animals 

  • You can commit to donating a minimum of 4 hours per month 

  • Recognize that, while volunteering at an animal shelter is rewarding, it is also a great amount of work. Team Members will rely on you for help when you sign up for shifts whether it be for cleaning kennels or floors or laundry, etc., we appreciate flexibility  and working together toward a common goal! 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Our most needed Volunteering opportunities at 7More Cats Rescue can include strenuous activity. While the following requirements may not apply to all volunteer  opportunities, some of the listed requirements and areas may apply to you and your specific preferred volunteer opportunity. For specific opportunities where physical requirements are required, volunteers must have the ability/willingness to: 

    • follow oral and written instructions 

    • establish effective working relationship with other volunteers, and the public

    • perform moderate/hard manual labor, including deep cleaning and lifting to 50 lbs.

    • function while being exposed to the shelter environment (i.e. animal hair, dander,  feces, and cleaning chemical odors, etc.)

    • safely and efficiently operate assigned equipment after appropriate instruction such as washer, dryer, broom, mop, water hose, high pressure washer, & disinfectant (equipment used depends on volunteer assignment) 

THE DOWN & DIRTY: Rescue is work.  There are some not so fun tasks that MUST be done regularly and often. Because rescue work is team work, SMCR needs you to understand the responsibilities that we ALL share to make our rescue safe and happy for the kitties. Remember, first and foremost, OUR CATS COME FIRST ALWAYS! A few main volunteer duties:

  1. Litter Boxes – Clean them. Often.

  2. Feeding – Follow the feeding schedule posted. Provide fresh water as needed. Fill the fountains and bowls daily. Clean fountains twice a week, bowls daily

  3. Sweeping/Vacuuming: Daily

  4. Miscellaneous Clean-Up (they are cats after all) - immediately upon discovery.

  5. Garbage bins are to be emptied Daily.

  6. Fur Patrol – Swiffer/Dust/Wipe/De-fuzz everything that doesn’t move.  If it moves...brush it!


Most importantly LOVE our cats. Talk to them.  Play with them. Their happiness is of UTMOST importance at SMCR. They are the reason we do everything we do. Never pass up the opportunity to allow them to show you their appreciation and love for you! Some Minor Details: Seven More Cats Rescue is a community.  As part of that community, we ask that you bring your authentic self. This is a safe place for not only our cats, but for our volunteers.  When you come into our shelter, please remember the following:

  • Be Respectful of Everyone and Everything.

  • Take pride in what you do for the cats.

  • If you don’t know – ask! We are all learning every single day.

If you are willing and able to meet the needs listed above and have some flexibility in your schedule to be able to commit to a minimum of 4 hrs./month, please complete a Volunteer Application! Thank you for your interest in helping the cats in our care while working alongside our Team Members! 


NEXT STEPS: Complete the contact form below and indicate your interest in volunteering. Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming your application submission. Thank you in advance! Please give us two weeks to process all applications. After we review your application to make sure we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for 7More Cats Rescue, we will extend an invitation to attend a Volunteer Orientation. 

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Seven More Cats Rescue. Our success is based largely on our dedicated team of volunteers. Please complete the information below. If you have a question regarding any of the questions on this application, please feel free to ask. We understand that we are all human and things happen. (It’s your character and your passion for animals we are interested in, not your credit score).


Thank you for your application. We will be in touch soon!

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