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Cat Cuddles

About Us

Seven More Cats Rescue was born in 2006 and continues to support cats and kittens by giving them a second chance.


How it all began


In 2006 my 21 year old daughter passed away and my son was serving in Iraq. We all have those moments of "What am I here for." 

This particular day I was feeling extremely depressed and missing my kids. I was sitting on my porch thinking about what my purpose in life was now that they were gone.

 I was already feeding a couple strays, when I looked across my yard and saw several pairs of eyes watching me. I went back inside and retrieved seven bowls of food and set it out,  then sat back down to watch them. They slowly approached and began eating, luckily that was the exact number of cats that came to eat.  I realized my purpose was to help these lost, abandoned and unwanted cats that needed to be shown some care, compassion and love.

I started doing the T.N.R process, releasing some back out and taking in the ones that needed medical care, socialization or were friendly and helped them find their forever homes.

Since then we have saved many cats and kittens by finding them loving homes or returning them to the colonies they were from.

All this could not be possible without help from cat lovers,whether it be volunteering, fostering or donating to 7 more cats.

What we do

We are a no kill, non profit shelter run strictly by volunteers. We help the old, young, healthy and the sick, giving them the love they deserve. We socialize, spay/neuter, vaccinate, test for diseases or parasites, microchip and any medical needs to ensure they are healthy and put them up for adoption.

The funds we receive are strictly through donations and we could not do this with out your generosity. Some times there is a need to reach into our own pockets to help the cats, which we will gladly do if the need arises.

I have been contacted by owners wanting to give up their cat because they not longer can afford them, my hope is to keep them together if possible. If the funds are available, I will purchase food and litter to help them stay together. We will do what we can to provide medical help if necessary. Our funds are very limited but we will do what ever we can to keep you and your pet together.

We do T.N.R to try and reduce the population of the strays and ferals by getting them fixed and vaccinated. Some cats can be socialized to find forever homes but not all of them. We hope to educate the community to coexist with these cats so they may live a peaceful life outdoors, where by no choice of their own they have come to know as their home.

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