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Purpose of adoption

Contact Information

Residential Information

Do you:

How long have you lived in your residence?

If renting, are pets allowed?

Number of Adults in Home:

Number of Children in Home:

How do you best describe your home?

Employment Information

Are you currently employed?

Do you travel for work?

If yes, who will be caring for your pet?

General Care Information

Do you have any pets now?

If so, please list them:

Are your current pets:  check all that apply

Do you plan on declawing?

If you currently have no pets, but have in the past, please provide name and contact information of the previous veterinarian

Do we have permission to contact your veterinarian?

if no, this will delay the adoption process

What preparations have you made for the homecoming of your new family member?

Where will your cat sleep?

Where will they be kept while you are at work and for how long?

Do you current cats go outside?

Have you ever rehomed or surrendered a pet?

If yes, please explain

How do you discipline your pet?

What arrangements would you make if you can no longer care for your pet(s)?

You understand that a cat can live up to the age of 25 or longer, are you prepared and committed to providing a home and medical care for the rest of his/her life?

A cat may require from one day up to several weeks to adjust to their new home.  Do you think you can be patient and are you prepared to help them transition?

If he/she doesn't seem to be adjusting, what would be your plans?

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